Our adventure started in 1970 with the researches of perlite mine in the Aegean region, which was by then considered to be valuable, in terms of both geology and economy. During the geological examinations made in Bergama – Kınık region, important perlite reserved were located and the mining exploration licenses for these reserves were obtained from the Authorities. Following detailed researches carried out in the area, it was determined that the best perlite reserves were near Maruflar, Kocakoy and Bademalan regions in Bergama; accordingly we got the operational licenses for these reserves.

The first company of the Group, İzmir Perlit Mining and Industry Co. LTD was established in 1972 and started mining activities in Bademalan area.

Thereafter, Perlisan Mining And Construction Co. LTD was established in 1981 and started the operational activities in the perlite quarries in Maruflar region.

In 1982, a J/V company, Perlitaş Istanbul Perlite Industry And Trading S.A., was founded with its crushing/screening plant; this plant, having low production capacity, supplied for many years perlite ore only to the domestic market.

In 1993, the Group established İPM İperlit Mining And Construction Co. Ltd. and started mining activities in Kocakoy area.

Until 1999, the various Companies of the Group produced and exported mainly raw perlite ore (ROM) when the group evaluated an investment for a high production capacity crushing / screening plant built with a modern “Know How” technology and founded one of the most important establishment of the Group, Diperlit Mining Industry And Trade S.A.which entered new grounds in foreign crushed/screened perlite markets.

In 2003, following the tender released by the Republic of Turkey - Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, İPM Group was awarded for the operational rights of Dikili port for the next 30 years. Dikili Port and Tourism Organization Trade S.A. was established for this purpose which on same time developed the logistic resources of the Group. In 2006 Dikili Port and Tourism Organization Trade S.A. built a 30.000 m2 closed storage area near the port.

During 2013, a second modern and high production capacity crushing/screening plant investment was realized for Perlitaş plant.
Today, when we look back to the beginning of our activities, IPM Group of Companies is a successful organization whom succeeded to come out on top in Turkey and worldwide with more than 14 operational quarries, annual production over 400.000 mt, high logistic facilities, professional team, high product quality and environmental awareness.