12 Feb 2016

During 2014-2015 IPM have finalized the investement of Olive Cultivation and Olive Oil production within the content of environmental responsibilities.

 We are having 1000 Gemlik breed Olive trees at the ages of 10-15 years within 30 decares  from our 500 decares breeding land. Gemlik breed Olive trees are special type which fructify every year regularly. Major characteristics of this breed are having dark black color and seed can be seperated easily. Olive is having a medium size and having 29,7% oil content. This type is being breed at Gemlik area in Turkey and accepted as one of the best black olive for pickling because of its taste and characteristics.

 As per summer of 2015 dibbling of 10.000 pieces Edremit type Olives to 200 decares were finalized which have been breeded by vegetative method. In all diblings İPM’s perlite have been used togerher with soil. Edremit type olive tree constitute 19 % of trees in whole Turkey and 25,3% in Agean area. Is the most famous type in current geography due to chemical and sensorial characteristics of its oil. Under good breeding conditions it is a stronly growing type which has medium size olive having high productivity and high endurance against cold weather. It is also suitable for mechanical harvesting.

 Due to adverse weather conditions dibbling works have been paused and will continue dibbling 10.000 pieces to 200 decares are during spring.

 Beside our agricultural investment we have commisioned globally known and accepted Italian Pieralisi Olive oil squizing plant to 10.000 m2 area. Our plant is having continue squizing system with 40 mt/day capacity working on 2 phases. Sansone type seed seperation unit have also been added to system. Bymeans of seperation unit we will be able to make use of waste material prina which is environmental friendly and having high heating value.   

 Our squizing facility have received all necessary documents for Turkish Ministry of food, agriculture and livestock following to govermental inspections.

  As IPM our target is to export over 100.000 bottle / year and plant will start production during next harvesting season.