12 Feb 2016

During 2014-2015 IPM have finalized the investement of Olive Cultivation and Olive Oil production within the content of environmental responsibilities.

10 Oct 2016

Our Geological survey team have explored new Perlite Quarry located close to our TU1 Quarry

30 Nov 2015

As IPM we have participated Annual Perlite Institute

02 Nov 2015

Following to participation of IPM to 27th China (Nanchang) Perlite International Conference.

06 Oct 2015

As per the kind invitation of Mr. Yao Wang - President of China Perlite Association.

22 Jul 2015

IPM has established a new brand called ‘’ SLAGPERL ‘’.

21 Oct 2014

Early 2014 DIPERLIT Mining Industry And Trade S.A has started investment of fully automated micronised facility due to fullfil increasing requirements of the new technology ‘’ Closed Cell Perlite ‘’ produced in electrical furnaces.

25 Feb 2014

Pergem Mineral Mining Industry & Trade S.A. – a 50/50% J/V partnership between S&B and Messrs. Bulent Iper and Orca Kırker – shareholders of IPM Group of Companies